Women in Battlefield

It has been a Male-dominated society since the beginning of the world. When we
study world history Women no longer just sit quietly in the home doing chores.
Their role in world history is significant. Not just in wars, Back in India whole
society was like a battlefield, as a result of the cast discriminations, male
dominations, and woman Exploitation. Not only men but women also fought
against those social evils and brought changes in society.
In country like India, Women are worshipped in the form of a goddess. There
were lot many temples that worship goddesses. There is a temple named kollur
in Karnataka, where they worship goddess mookambhika, is one of the richest
temples in India.
We have studied women’s participation during freedom fight or in the Indian
mythological war in our school days. let us look at some of those women who
devoted their life in those wars:
Sita role in The Ramayana epic was prominent, without her the Ramayana
wouldn’t have happened. When we study the Ramayana deeply, we will realize
that sita was not just a wife of Rama but she was the greatest warrior of Mithila
(Sita birthplace). We can see her bravery in defending her kingdom across
Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bhai was a first woman freedom fighter. Queen Manikarnika
is popularly known as Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bhai, who fought and died during
Independence struggle. When the British denied making her adopted son as the
next king of Jhansi she refused it. She is very much popular for her fight against
the British with her son tied back.
Chennamma was a queen of Keladi hence the name Keladi Chennamma. She
fought heroically against Mughals and won. After the battle, Mughals Emperor
recognized Keladi as a separate kingdom and Chennamma remained as a queen.
One brave and heroic queen from Karnataka who sacrificed her life to save her
kingdom Kittur from British. When the British refused to ascend her adopted son

Shivalingappa to the throne she was enraged by it and fought against them but at
last, she was captured and imprisoned.
It is the story of a lady being an ordinary citizen of Chitradurga fort and fought
against Haider Ali to save fort being conquered. Like these many brave women
who showed their woman power on the battlefield and sacrificed their whole life
for it.
Alongside the war, the society was the biggest battleground due to its different
social obligations. Many social reformers fought this battle and sacrificed their
lives to bring changes in society and improve the standard of livings among the
backward caste people in the country.
Let us look at some of the woman social reformers
12nth century poet Aydakki Lakkamma who was born in the Dalits family and
faced exploitation and humiliation from the upper-class people. Started rebelling
against such exploitation, later joined Anubhava Mantapa which was built by
Great social reformer Basaveshwara. She wrote so many Vachanas during the
time in Anubhava Mantappa criticizing social obligation raised by upper caste
people. To bring changes in the society she strove hard for it.
Akkamahadevi was one of the greatest social reformers of the 12th Century
Bhakti moment. Her Vachanas are taught in schools and are famous among the
northern regions of Karnataka.
One who was born in the Rajput family and a Lord Krishna deity, later married
to another princely family. Later She left her husband and started pilgrimage
around India. Created social awareness among people.
Like these many women social reformer we can see in Indian history, who
fought bravely against social discrimination and brought changes in society.
Women social reformers of our age are also no lesser than men. They criticize
the present political system, social obligation and women’s exploitation in the
society. Let us see some of the women social reformers of our age.

She was the daughter of Great Journalist P.Lankesh. Due to her father’s
influence,she started working as an editor in Lankesh Patrika which was started
by her father. Later she becomes journalist turned activists criticized right-wing
Hindu extremist. She campaigned for woman welfare, spoke against right-wing
Hindu extremists and opposed caste-based discrimination. Ultimately shot dead
by terrorists for not giving up on her ethics.
She was born in a family where her father was a freedom fighter and mother
who works for the welfare of women. She is a social reformer turned politician,
Joined Aam Admi Party (AAP) but later resigned from it. She was part of many
Andolan but mainly she was one among the founding member of Narmada
Bachao Andolan.
First woman IPS officer of this country. She is a woman who stood firm on her
vision and mission for this country and never gave up on her ethics. To give an
example once she had fined her husband for using government vehicles for
personal use. She was not only served as an IPS officer but also she
wholeheartedly contributed to many social causes, as a result, her name has
been household in our country.
She was the victim of an acid attack done by a 32-year-old man when she was
15 years old. Later she started campaigning to stop acid attacks. She petitioned
high court gathering 27,000 signatures for stoping acids sells. She got many
national and international awards for her social reforming moments.
Not only the above mentioned,but there were also more than 1000’s of women
social reformers were worked for the social welfare of the country. Who
dedicated whole life for it by standing firmly on their vision and never giving up
on their ethics.
Above mentioned all about women from India who fought in the war and social
evils. Now let us look at a woman from different countries, how they
contributed to world wars or fought against social obligations.

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about her heroic battle against the
invaders. He mentioned her as a warrior who is very decisive and incredibly
intelligent in her strategies.
Nakano Takeko a Japanese woman warrior. she was educated in literary and
martial arts. She was participated in the Japanese civil war and led the women’s
army. But at-last she shot dead in the chest during the war.
During World War 1, Nursing has been an area where most of the female’s
contributions are involved. But more than 12000 women worked in auxiliary
roles in the US navy, but among nearly 400 women lost their lives in that.
During World War 2, more than 400,000 U.S women served as support
positions in the army and many of them lost their lives. More than half of the
African army participated in World War 2 were women, many of them worked
in nursing and many of them in women’s army corps.
These are the women, who made their society as a battlefield and fought against
social evils like caste discriminations, women exploitation and Terrorism. This
is only to make society a better place by eliminating those social evils. Let us
look at those women,
1979’s Noble Peace Prize laureate. Mother Teresa who was born in Macedonia
and devoted her whole life to India and helping poor, sick and backward class
people. Many allegations have been made on her as she was a part of a Christian
missionary and did religious conversions. Considering all Upper-class people
exploitation of backward and poor people in India, she stands tall in the world
history for enriching the humanitarian values.
Annie Besant was an Irish woman and got influenced by Swami Vivekananda
and made India her second home. She was a member of Indian national
congress and fought for the rights of Indians throughout her life.
“Here lies sister Nivedita who gave all her to India”, that is what her epitaph
reads. Her Birth name was Margaret Elizabeth Noble but after becoming a
disciple of swami Vivekananda later called Sister Nivedita. She fought for girl

child education in India and during the plague attack in Calcutta, she nursed and
took care of the poor’s. She was closely associated with the Ramakrishna
mission and also the Indian National Congress.
Pakistani female activists for female rights and education. She was the youngest
noble peace prize laureate. Local Taliban banned girls from attending schools.
But she opposed it when she and her friends got finished exams and returning
home all of them got shot by the Taliban’s with a gun. She got shot on her face
and admitted to the hospital. one side she was recovering ,but on the other side
support was pouring on her bravery from different part of the world. That’s the
time when she started devoting her life to the social welfare and the welfare of
girl children.
In the male dominating society it takes a hell lot of courage for a woman to raise
her voice or a queen to declare war against the enemy empire. However, there
are lots of women took that courage and raised their voice for women rights in
the society or to fight in the battleground.
Now In the present situation, it is everyone’s duty to listen to the women’s needs
and give rightful places in society.


India and Electric vehicle history

During the period of the freedom struggle, the Automobile revolution started in India. Bajaj motors then known as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited started importing and selling two-wheelers and three-wheelers.
The first electric car was launched in India by the Reva Electric car company but later it was acquired by Mahindra and Mahindra. This car has been sold in 26 countries with more than 4000 units. Another Electric car that got popular in India was electric hatchback e2o this was also sold in record number not only in India but also in the UK.
Those are about electric cars. if we talk about electric bikes, Ranges of present Electric bikes are similar to Indian Electric cars now ( 150-200 km/full charge).
Ather, Ultraviolett and Emflux are the present famous known companies for electric bikes. One interesting thing is that all their headquarters are in Bangalore.
Ather 450, scooter which was launched by Ather energy which has a range from 70-100km for a complete charge.
Emflux one, Bike which will be launching in 2020 by Emflux motors. This bike a range about 200 km.
Battery technology?!
Currently, manufacturers using Lithium-Ion batteries all around the world. But looking at all the factors like recharging time, capacity and cost companies are trying to build futuristic long-ranging batteries.
Charging stations?!
There are two kinds of charging AC and DC. for public charging point, we use DC current since we need fast charging. In-home we AC current which will take up to 2-3 hours.
Solar rooftop technology, when you charging your vehicle at home, we can use a solar rooftop system so that we can save up to a considerable amount of cost of electricity.
Battery swapping is another promising charging technology for the EVs. 90% of electric vehicles sold in 2019 are two-wheelers. Battery swapping can be the best charging option for the two-wheelers. Battery swapping is the process of exchanging batteries in the charging station. This technology looks promising since it will not make a customer wait for half an hour to get his bike charged instead he can quickly replace his empty battery with a charged one.

Electric vehicle-Rava i
         Reva electric carhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahindra_Electric

Where the world is heading?!

Tesla, the Dominant electric vehicle industry in the world. There were other companies like Nissan and Benz which were giving competition to Tesla.
Model S was the first car that was launched by Tesla in 2012, which has a range of 325 miles and goes up to 0-60 km in 2.4 seconds. Model 3 is the car that will be launched in 2020 by Tesla which will be having a range of 625miles (1000km).
Apart from Tesla, Nissan leaf is also an electric car were range and speed numbers close to tesla cars.

Electric vehicle- Tesla-Model-3
                                                        Tesla Model 3

Public transport and Heavy-duty vehicle transitioning into Electric

Metro has been introduced to many cities. Presently metro is one of the prominent public transport systems in cities like Bangalore and Delhi. further to increase electric usage Indian government has sanctioned nearly 6000 electric buses in 64 cities. These buses expected to travel 4 billion kilometers and save up to 1.2 billion liters of fuel which will avoid 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 emission.
With the advancement of lithium-Ion batteries, Electric trucks also stepping into the market. Semi-truck, milk float, and garbage trucks are transitioning into fully electric.
Tesla has announced its semi-truck which will go on sale by 2020. It has been made up of such advanced technology, to give an example drag coefficient of Tesla semi-truck is lesser than Bugatti Veyron ( Drag coefficient is a resistance of an object to fluids like air and water ).

Electric vehicle- Tesla-semiTruck
                                    Tesla heavy-duty vehicle

What are the myths of electric vehicles?!

Even though I have cleared you about the electric vehicle present-future technologies, But there are many myths of EV’s.

  • EV’s are slower than golf carts. Quickest electric car can reach 0-60miles in 2.4 seconds which is quicker than the world’s fastest car Bugatti Veyron. where in an Emflux-one E-bike which can go up to 0-100km in 3 seconds.
  • EVs are unsafe. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave 5 stars to Nissan and Tesla models. Fire explosion from Lithium-ion powered vehicles is slightly less than a gasoline-powered vehicle.
  • They are not greener than a Gasoline vehicle. A single petrol vehicle generates 313 grams of CO2 in real-world fuel – life cycle emission that means it will affect its surrounding environment. But where in electric vehicles generate 200 grams of CO2 but they don’t affect local air quality. If you use Solar-powered electricity then the pollution is completely zero.
  • Electric vehicle servicing is costly. This can be considered as the biggest myth because electric vehicles don’t need frequent care like oil changing or tune-up as we do in gasoline vehicles since the electric vehicle has less than 20 moving parts wherein gasoline vehicles having more than 5000 moving parts.

Environmental aspects of EVs?!

The main benefit of EVs is a reduction in air pollution. They do not emit harmful pollutants like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, and lead. But the place where electricity is generated will be affected by pollutants. Charging via solar panels yields very low carbon footprints.
In traditional gasoline vehicles, most of the fuel energy will be lost by heat, but in an electric vehicle, most of the energy stored in the battery converted to driving vehicles.

Why India needs Electric vehicle?!

During 1900 about 38% of vehicles were electric in America, now is  time for Indians to repeat that history by increasing in use of an electric vehicle.
Why conventional vehicles in a verge of extinction in India;-

  1. India is the 3rd largest crude oil-consuming country in the world. In cities like Bangalore for 1 and a half crore population, there are 75 Lakhs of vehicles. Hence so much of the need for crude oil, the government is failing to fulfill this demand hence there is a drastic increase in crude oil price.
  2. Fuel costs. if you consider an electric vehicle which gives a200km range and consuming 20 units of electricity. Approximately 20 units of electricity, it costs you 120 Rupees in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. But if you consider a gasoline vehicle that has a mileage of 15km needs 1200 rupees for 200km(77 rupees per 1-liter petrol).
  3. Pollution is one of the strong reasons for the need for electric vehicles. Not just air pollution, it also includes sound pollution too. Talking about air pollution, 13 out of 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. A city like Delhi attributing 40% to vehicular emission, 21.5% to dust and 18% to Industry. The Health cost of air pollution in India has been assessed at 3% of its GDP.
  4. Financial supports from the government; Lowering GST from 12 percent to 5 percent for electric vehicles.
  5. 1.5 Lakhs tax exemption will be given on loan taken for the purchase of an electric vehicle.
  6. One of the serious problems in which the Electric industry facing is Charging stations. Considering this Government has sanctioned Rupees 10,000 Crores for charging infrastructure.


Considering all the above points, We all know that electric vehicle is the future of the automobile industry. Considering aspects like pollution, refinery oil, and etc the  Government has been striving hard to increase its sales. Now it is time for common people to step up and use more electric vehicles.


Can Virat Kohli become next god?!

India has produced so many world-class players to this gentle man’s game. All-time names in cricket were Gavaskar, Shrinath,  Dravid, Sachin, Dhoni and at present is Virat Kohli. Things which is the most common in cricket is creating new records by breaking old ones. Most heard names for breaking the records are Rickey Ponting, Mcgrath, Brain Lara, Don Bradman, Vivian Richards.

When it comes to India, Sunil Gavaskar name stands first for creating new records. After Gavaskar is Sachin Tendulkar, he has been referred to God of cricket for his ultimate records. Tendulkar Has spent almost two decades playing cricket and created so many records. To name a few; highest runs in both 50-50 and test cricket, first double century in 50-50 cricket, highest number of centuries, highest number of double of centuries in test cricket and many more. There was not even a single player close to his records that time, that’s why people made him as God of cricket. But once Sachin himself said in an interview, “Someone will definitely break my records, as long as if he is an Indian I am more than happy”. Those were the true words from the legend, a man was born and he has been breaking his records. So who is he?!. Yes, you are right that is none other than our own Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli its been 10 years now he has been overtaking Sachin’s record. Records like he is the second-youngest player to reach 10,000 runs in ODI cricket, the youngest player to reach the most number of the centuries and most of the match-winning performances. Hence, all these records conspire him to be the next God of cricket among cricket fans all around the world. So let us compare records between these great players.


Above records show how Virat Kohli way ahead of Sachin Tendulkar to create new world records. Even though Sachin reached 10000 runs milestone at the age of 27 whereas Virat Kohli at the age of 30. But statistics like the number of matches he played is less than Sachin to reach 10,000 runs, Strike rate he maintained and a number of centuries. Above all these things give the edge to Virat Kohli.


Sachin Tendulkar has four 1000+ runs in his first 11 years of his career whereas Virat Kohli has 6 1000+ runs. All these statistics show how as a player Virat Kohli is no less than Sachin Tendulkar. 

But as a captain, Sachin Tendulkar was unsuccessful but Virat Kohli has been showing his charm as captain. Recent Numbers are showing how Virat Kohli surpassing Sachin records. Because as a captain Sachin Tendulkar had played 72 matches and scored 2453 runs but Kohli has played 80 matches and scored 4800 runs. As a captain, Kohli has given many match-winning performances.

As a person both Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are a great human being. So, at last, I would leave a question to the cricket fans that if no dirty politics come into play if no injury problems come into play if no personal life problems come into play will Virat Kohli break all the Tendulkar records and emerge as new “God”?!


‘when son wants to become like his father’

hello readers,

I very much excited to start my new blog. now it is Monday afternoon and college is off. writing the first chapter of my blog.

I born and brought up in a small village called alandoor, This place falls between bhatkal and kundapura. The culture we borrow is totally from kundapura and udupi. When I say udupi, most of them were familiar with this place, udupi is famous for krishna mutt and beaches, we have our own culture and tradition.

Yakshagana is one of the prominent art over there. still, I remember all my fights with my mom to take permission to watch yakshagana. Because yakshagana is normally played during night time, play will start at around 8pm and ends in the morning 3 or 4, so that’s the main reason why my mom never allowed me to watch yakshagana. Sometimes I win the over my mom in the fight and spent all night enjoying watching yakshagana.

About my village, it is so beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could settle in there doing agricultural stuff rather than doing engineering. we grow a lot of spices here, areca nut and coconut are prominent and also we grow cashew nut, paddy, maize and many more. For food, as we are very near to the sea fish curry is prominent  “day without the fish is the day is wasted”.

Hence words are not enough to describe my place and its beauty. There are many places to go trekking with, the ultimate one is kodachadri which is located near kolluru and there is another place called the Abbe falls which is at 35Km from bhatkal. There is a trekking trail of 5km to this waterfall, which is at the foothills of sahyadri.

“When son wants to become like his father” as the title of this chapter, was emotional and touching for me. Well, my father was a mechanic, works day and night off for the well being of the family. The picture which I featured in this chapter has just resembled of me and papa. He used to take me to the garage during the school off.

I grew up looking at him doing all those mechanic works and also helping him. It was not so pleasant either because I was good at playing cricket so, if he takes me to the garage I couldn’t be able to play the match that whole day with my friends. I didn’t want to miss cricket so every morning there will be a fight between me and papa, I used to go hide in our farm. Still, he shouts and scolds so there will be a huge drama, my mom is like put gee into the fire, making that fight more brutal and making my papa take me to the garage because she doesn’t want me to get spoiled by joining those boys. So by all these things made me hate going garage. Hence days, months and years were gone I developed an different interest in it, then I decided to take up automobile engineering after 12th.